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Kubernetes - From Beginner to Beginners

Introduction into exciting Kubernetes - modern tool for container orchestration.
Linkedin: Sergej Kurakin Sergej Kurakin

PHP - From code to Kubernetes

What steps should be done to port your PHP Laravel project from bare metal or classic VM's to Kubernetes? What challenges will face DevOps, what challenges will face Developers? What skills should be obtained in advance by DevOps and Developers?
Linkedin: Daniel Oliveira Daniel Oliveira

Migrating Website to React. Feature by Feature. No Downtime

I will share a success story from HomeToGo. When our project grew bigger and bigger we faced issues with our previous rendering engine. Solution was not good enough and it slowed us down. I will give you good reasoning for why we chose React for a rendering engine and how we switched to it with zero down time.
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