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Machine Learning in PHP? Why not!

During my presentation, I will explain what Machine learning is and how to do it in PHP. Of course, there will also be examples of the usage of a couple of algorithms for clustering or prediction.
Linkedin: Wojciech Laskawiec (NFQ) Wojciech Laskawiec (NFQ)

Elixir - fun things you can do with pipes.

In this talk I'll give an intro to Elixir. I will go through some of its coolest features, provide an insight into how we use it at Boozt, and give a comparison to PHP where it applies.
Linkedin: Andrej Muzikovs (Staff Engineer at Boozt) Andrej Muzikovs (Staff Engineer at Boozt)


2022-06-02 19:00
Zoom ID: 833 3351 1861. Slaptažodis: vilniusphp
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