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Code Sherlock. Profiling PHP

When there are performance issues, how do you find out what’s wrong? It’s good when you know in advance what to look for, but what if you don't? One of the solutions we employ at HomeToGo is code profiling. It helps us to find performance issues and improve our code. During my session at the VilniusPHP meetup, we’ll review the best tools available for code profiling in PHP. Some of them help identify a starting point, while others dig deeper into a single method. We’ll also try a proactive profiling technique that helps identify problematic commits faster.
Valerij Vasilčenko

Hello PHP8!

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Living code

Did you notice that some code not only runs but also lives? The environment is changing over time, conditions change, and decisions we made before are not that accurate after some time. And what about the performance? Does it have any value? How much one mistake can cost? Let's share some experience and figure it out.
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2020-12-03 19:00
Zoom ID: 833 3351 1861. Slaptažodis: vilniusphp
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