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Photography and Software Engineering – I thought it’s different… but it appears it’s not.

Drawing from over 20 years of experience in IT and software development, coupled with more than 3 years as a novice photographer, Sergej Kurakin has uncovered surprising parallels between his creative passion and his professional work. Join him as he explores the unexpected similarities. (Presented in Lithuanian)
Sergej Kurakin (Ovoko)

Cloud Design Patterns in Practice

While many of us are familiar with the classic “Gang of Four” design patterns and other commonly used design paradigms in object-oriented languages, there exists a world of cloud-specific design patterns. Darius Kasperavičius will guide us through the cloud design patterns he has applied in Kilo Health Core projects, offering a fascinating blend of theory and practical application. (Presented in Lithuanian)
Darius Kasperavičius (KiloHealth)


2023-09-07 19:00
HQ Ovoko
Žirmūnų g.70-701


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HQ Ovoko
Žirmūnų g.70-701
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