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Intro to exotic php bugs

PHP object injection pažeidžiamumas ir kokias pasėkmes tai gali sukelti. Taip pat apie egzotišką pažeidižamumą PHP type juggling.
Linkedin: Dominykas Seikis Dominykas Seikis

Identifying Microservices

When building microservices or migrating existing monoliths many teams are stumbling upon the issue of identifying microservices. Then they end up with either too granular microservices or the same monolith they started. We’ll dive into couple of ways how to identify what could and what should be split and what is better left untouched.
Linkedin: Edvardas Kazlauskas Edvardas Kazlauskas

Integration hell or "Could you download XML file from our FTP?"

With Tasker, we help companies to go paperless. Gathering and storing data in the cloud is simple. Passing it to the ERP or CRM - more challenging. I'll share our experience with what kind of systems we face and what rules you should follow to create a usable API.
Linkedin: Darius Leskauskas Darius Leskauskas


2020-03-05 19:00
Miesto Laboratorija
Antakalnio g. 17, Vilnius


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Antakalnio g. 17, Vilnius
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