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When code starts to “smell”

Do you know that there are multiple signs of poor code quality? What if I tell you that code can go bad and start to "smell"? Bad code can function, but it's not at all easy or pleasant to work with. There's a way to tell and fix such surface indicators. Here at HomeToGo, we make sure our code is clean and easy to change.
Liutauras Kavaliauskas

Road to Kubernetes and autoscaling

Kubernetes was introduced more than 6 years ago in the market and its adoption in enterprises is increasing year after year. In my presentation, I will focus on the basic concept of Kubernetes and how we adopted it in our application ecosystem.
Kristijonas Bulzgis


2021-03-04 19:00
Zoom ID: 833 3351 1861. Slaptažodis: vilniusphp
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