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Just a typo? Drawing the line between data and logic

When the project grows, so does the team, and data being maintained. Have you wondered, why some typos had days, whole others, only minutes to release? Let's go trough different data types, tools (E.g. Prismic, GraphQL), principles (E.g. Test data, AB testing) and different times to release the change.
Linkedin: Aurelijus Banelis (NFQ) Aurelijus Banelis (NFQ)

Discovering ADR API architecture pattern

The story of discovering and using Action Domain Responder pattern in building large scale e-commerce API with Symfony and how it helped to tackle versioning, documentation and code complexity issues.
Linkedin: Edvardas Kazlauskas (Boozt Technology Baltics) Edvardas Kazlauskas (Boozt Technology Baltics)


2021-10-07 19:00
Zoom ID: 833 3351 1861. Slaptažodis: vilniusphp
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